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The Chrysler Power Classic
1993 - 2020
National Trail Raceway, Columbus, Ohio

All Chrysler Product Drag Race, Car Show, Swap Meet & Car Corral

We have made the unfortunate decision to permanently retire this once great event. With the exception of the Mopar Nationals and the Import Faceoff, National Trail Raceway will no longer be hosting ANY stand-alone events by outside promoters, now or in the future. It's not a matter of finding a new facility or even new partners or investors. Large single marque programs have proven to be no longer viable, as witnessed by the demise of countless long-standing events. The Mopar powerhouse events are also gone including Englishtown, St Louis Monster Mopar and most recently Mopars at the Strip. It's not the economy. It's the change in our lifestyles. We once attracted racers from every state east of the Mississippi, but no longer. There are now an over-abundance of available activities near home and people can watch their favorite races or racers online. Ohioans currently have nine drag strips from which to choose, most with new and aggressive owners who can obtain elusive sponsorships easier than independent promoters.

The Chrysler Classic had a fantastic 27 year run and was responsible for dozens of “firsts” in the world of Mopar events. It breaks our heart to share this news with you, but we are grateful to have been a part of so many of your lives.

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